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Master Profit & Purpose: Impact Investments

Every week, discover the most promising impact investment opportunities in the market. Join a community of impact-driven entrepreneurs and savvy investors, as we explore top-tier funds and businesses that are shaping a sustainable future.

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What People Are Saying

“Because of my impact milestones with R.I.S.E. The Movement diversified impact investing has been a game-changer for my financial journey. Appreciated learning how real estate can be impactful - all the benefits of real estate investing except with community values that I care about.”

Lisa KellyEngineer

“One of the standout aspects of the course was its focus on impact investing. It went beyond the technical aspects of finance and delved into the psychology of money management.”

Eliza SmithPrint Shop Owner

“Participating in The Women's Impact Investing Accelerator has been absolute game-changer for me. This Course has not only deepened my understanding of personal finance but has empowered me with the knowledge and confidence through education of private funds that support sustainability.”

Sofia FernandoMerchant Services